Residential Property Management

"Caring for our client's properties, protecting their investment."


What We Do

At Darshana properties, our priorities are two fold: protecting your investment the way you would and creating an environment of communication which gives you peace of mind that your property is in the best of hands. We do more than have you sign a contract and collect your key like so many others. Because we understand that entrusting your home to a property management company is an important decision, we have invested in and perfected the technology and systems that, together with our team of compassionate, management experts, take care and protect your home better than the rest.

We Protect Your Investment

At Darshana Properties we believe in going far beyond the services offered by "normal" property management companies.  We utilize the latest technology to provide our Property Management clients with the most up to date 24/7 financial, visual, and current condition data about your properties as possible.  We recognize that the decision to invest in residential rental property is a major one and we work closely with you to protect and maintain your property’s value and financial return.

We Keep You In The Loop With 24/7 Access To Your Property

Through your own customized web portal, you have direct access to your property and to us.  You can view maintenance requests and status, yearly inspection status, and our accounting system where you can view and print up to 25 real time reports regarding your property – whatever we know, you know.  We offer these tools for you because we know continuous and up-to-date communication is key to keeping our clients, both owners and tenants, completely comfortable.  In order to ensure this communication, you can communicate with us 24/7 through your portal or by calling us for pressing issues you may are always “in the loop!”

We Deliver Your Money 

Prompt collection and delivery of your rental funds is mandatory, so the only mailbox you have to check is your email where we alert you to the instant electronic funds transfer into your account.

We Document Your Home Top To Bottom 

We document the current condition of your home with comprehensive, high resolution digital photos of every room, corner, wall, floor, appliance and surface - top to bottom, inside and out.  We take an average of 150 photos so we can prevent any potential conflicts between tenant and owner – everyone is one the same page. Photos can be viewed by Owners and tenants through individual portals. 

We Find Quality Tenants

We not only check background, criminal and credit reports, but we get to know your tenant personally.

We Handle All Maintenance And Repairs

We conduct yearly inspections of your property in order to protect the long term value of your home and its systems.  Our team of contractors for maintenance and repairs give us preferred rates and scheduling…they know the quality of work we expect and are graded and evaluated after any repair.

We Give You Peace Of Mind

You can relax and feel confident that we are invested in the care and preservation of your investment.

Darshana Properties, LLC is a privately held, Residential Property Management Firm, based in the Cary, Raleigh, Triangle area of North Carolina with clients located locally and throughout the United States. Darshana Properties is owned and managed by Debra G. Chadwick, BIC.